Town Hall, ltd gallery, Los Angeles, CA


Queer Biennial, Industry Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

Lulu, Los Angeles, CA

Figure As Form, ltd, Los Angeles, CA

I Desire to Win, PAM Residencies, Los Angeles, CA (solo exhibition)


Jizzy Lizzy Unplugged, Perform Chinatown: Rush Hour, Automata, Los Angeles,

Is It All Over My Face? Honor Fraser Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

Psychiana Magazine Release Party, LA Contemporary Archive at Francois Ghebaly Gallery, Los Angeles, CA


Well Played, ltd Gallery, Los Angeles Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

Well Played Performance Workshop, ltd Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

trans-pose, dA Center for the Arts, Pomona, CA


RIP My Pussy, Install Weho, West Hollywood,

Solo Dolo 3, Highways Performance Space, Santa Monica, CA


An Aria for the Whale Who Beached Herself, D301 Gallery, Calarts, Valencia, CA (solo exhibition)

Mulholland Derive, Los Angeles Road Concerts, Los Angeles, CA, 

Cabaret Automata, Automata, Los Angeles, CA

Framerates, 406 Arts, Los Angeles, CA

The Perils of Being a Woman, Perform Now Chinatown, Los Angeles, CA

mmxii CalArts MFA Graduate Exhibition, LA Mart, Los Angeles, CA

Calarts Graduate Show Fundraiser, Susanne Vielmetter Projects, Culver City, CA

The Steam Egg Project, Los Angeles, CA

Forward Thinking: A Curatorial Roundabout, College Art Association's 100th Annual Conference, Los Angeles, CA


Voyeuristic Exhibitionism, Concord Art Apce, Los Angeles, CA

MFA Mid-Residency Show, L-Shape Gallery, Calarts, Valencia, CA 

Welcome Home, Main Gallery, Calarts, Valencia, CA

Open Endings, Farley Building, Los Angeles, CA

Perform Now Chinatown, Los Angeles, CA

Art & Technology Mid-Residency Show, A402 Gallery, Calarts, Valencia, CA

Visiting Grandma's House, Black & White Studio, Calarts, Valencia, CA 


Queer Arts Collective Show, Main Gallery, Calarts, Valencia, CA

Portland Women's Film Festival, Portland, OR


Indie Memphis Film Festival, Memphis, TN


First Fun Festival, New York, NY



Fashion Kills!, 2008

Mary-Kate and Ashely "Snowed In"

Baby, 2006

Pajama Girl Waits For Her Period to Come

Alice in Questioning, 2005

Heavy Petting, 2005